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About Rome

UPDATE: Most recently, Rome and his little brother Rederic have been writing and producing music as a part of the AMAG Artist Collective under the direction of Cash Money Records. The brothers have only been collaborating for about a year, but have written countless songs together already. The two launched their duo, The Keymakers, in August 2017 with their debut single, Good for You, coming out in September. Having already reached over 1 million streams with their first few singles, The Keymakers are excited to release tons of music over the next several months into 2019. Follow them at or @TheKeymakers on Instagram.



"I couldn't be more excited to start this musical journey with my little brother. We've always been closer than any siblings I know, and that chemistry comes out in our music. We're excited to take what's in our heads and use it to make yours bounce for a long time."


Vocalist and songwriter Rome Alexander has displayed his creative versatility by writing and producing across a broad range of genres including Pop, R&B, and Hip Hop, Jazz. This 25-year-old Pittsburgh native has been behind the scenes for quite some time, but with his work ethic, vocal ability, and writing skills, he is beginning to make a name for himself.


Rome’s songs are deeply rooted in emotion and come from past and current experiences, as well as the experiences he sees every day around him. “Whether my music inspires someone, brings them up on a down day, or simply gets their head moving, I just want people to be able to vibe with what I create” states Rome, “More than anything, I want them to be able to relate to what I'm saying".


Coming from a wide range of musical influences from R&B superstars like Ne-Yo and Musiq Soulchild to legendary songwriters like Stevie Wonder and John Mayer, Rome tries not to box himself into any one genre, and loves testing his limits. Over the past few months, he's been writing as many songs as he can for everyone he can, from female pop artists like Kristina Maria to rappers and indie musicians.


Rome lives and works in Boston, where he spends his days working for a non-profit in the financial space and many of his nights writing music. Apart from music, Rome loves kicking it with his close friends, seeing as many movies as he can, and watching as many sports as he can (Cleveland Cavaliers, New Orleans Saints, and Pittsburgh Pirates) "Gimme a beer, a friend, and a game on the TV, and I'm cool".

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